Series Club

  • Read through of Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb.
  • All 16 books straight through, one book per month.
  • Forum topics will be produced on the final day of the month, an itinerary of the reading is provided on the schedule page 
  • Please use our affiliate links for acquisitions.  This helps keep the site running and provides more content.

Don't worry if you get ahead or behind, since its forum style you can go into topics based on your own time frame.  I will post a blog in correlation to the book most likely as soon as I'm done with the read.  Don't forget to give it a read!     

Stand-Alone Read - July


  • The stand-alone novel for August is "Butcher Bird" By Richard Kadrey
  • Discussion Points will be posted the last day of the month.

I will be listening on Audible.  If you need to purchase this title please consider doing so from this affiliate link.  Feel free to share your reviews in the forum.  I'll run the blog on it whenever I finish my personal read through.